Teen created GoFundMe to donate feminine products to the homeless

Photo via The Chicago Tribune

Photo via The Chicago Tribune

Lily Alter, a high school student from Oak Park, Illinois, has taken an opportunity given to her from a school project, to raise money to donate period kits to homeless women.

Alter was assigned to create a pitch for a business opportunity for one of her classes, and although her teacher reported that most students don’t actually follow through with the plan after doing the pitch assignment, Alter was insistent upon carrying out the project.

“Tampons aren’t like condoms, where people give them out free at progressive stores or in sex-ed classes,” Alter told The Chicago Tribune. “Menstrual supplies are more necessary, but you can’t get them for free.”

Alter decided to create FlowKits, period kits containing tampons, sanitary pads, pantiliners, sanitary wipes, and a menstrual health pamphlet, to distribute to homeless women in the Chicago area.

We love girls that want to make a difference. Way to go, Lily!

If you want to donate to Lily’s FlowKits project, you can do so on her GoFundMe page.

Read her full interview with The Chicago Tribune here.



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