Phone cases for the groovy girl

In case you still don’t know what to ask for for Christmas…we’ve got you covered. Proceed.

You can find this sparkly dream of a phone case at Target. The Casemate rose gold Waterfall case is $39.99 and perfect for the 90s princess.

The Urban Outfitters Custom Case is $20 and has a marble print that is sure to stun all fashionistas and lovers of minimalist style.

You can find the Kate Spade Rose Gold Foil Confetti Case at Dillard’s for $40.

Cue the “oooh”s and “aaah”s this thing is about to evoke. The Glitter Bomb Clear Case is $28 at Macy’s.

Looking for something chic and sophisticated? Look no further. .This unique Crocodile Slim Case is $28 at Society6.

ME. OW. The Kate Spade Glitter Cat Case is $50 at Macy’s.

This case is perfect for the indecisive gal. A little bit of stripes. A little bit of floral. A whole lot of style. Find the Bold Floral and Stripes Case for $28 at Society6.

Perfect for the Boho girl, this slim case is $28 from Society6.


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