Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic will make you believe in a higher power

Photo via Mashable

Photo via Mashable

Bruno Mars returned after far too much time away with his brand new, but old-school funky album, 24K Magic. It has plenty of cool grooves, vocals, and melodies that sound so smooth you’ll think they’re throwbacks. We’re here to provide you with a track-by-track review of this truly transcendent piece of work.

  1. 24K Magic, the lead-off single from Bruno’s new album is sure to make you dance. It has plenty of rhythm, groove, and that fancy lyrical style that has become a Bruno signature. Plus, it gives a pretty hefty nod to James Brown, which, unbeknownst to us when it was released as a single, sets a nice tone for the tribute the album gives to old-school funk.
  2. Chunky is another smooth dance track. It fills the spot of tribute-to-thick-girls-that-pay-their-rent-on-time on the album (a must) and the chorus is impossible to resist singing along to.
  3. Perm might be the most James Brown-inspired tune on the album. It sounds like a song way to good to be written in this decade. It is perfect for any Bruno nay-sayers. You can’t feel anything but good to this song.
  4. That’s What I Like must be the next single, right? This song, while maybe not the most musically complex song on the album, is pure R&B-infused pop, sure to please. Come for us if this song doesn’t go down as one of Bruno’s best.
  5. We recommend lighting some candles, turning down the lights, and hopping in the tub, to the tune of Versace on the Floor. The song is so much more than sexy and seductive. It’s a hymn. To be treated with reverence. Will make you pray and thank the music gods. Consider yourself warned.
  6. Bruno gives a seemingly Paula Abdul-inspired performance in Straight Up & Down. Besides the number of times he says “straight up,” the song feels 80s-levels of cool.
  7. In case you need a little comedic relief from all the funky music, Calling All My Lovelies will give it to you. It’s a gentle reminder that Bruno’s got “Alicia waitin’, Aisha waitin’, all the eeshas waitin'” on him. So basically, you’re not Bruno’s only girl. Ouch.
  8. Fun fact: when Finesse comes on you’ll immediately don leg warmers and begin doing Paula Abdul-esque dance moves on demand.
  9. Too Good To Say Goodbye. Michael, is that you? This song gives off Jackson 5/The Temptations vibes and Bruno does the slowed-down ballad so well. It’s the perfect ending to a turned-up, groovy album. And it’s perfect to cry all the tears to once the album comes to an end.

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