Are wide-leg trousers the new skinny jeans: An investigation

It’s 2016. “Bootleg” and “flare” are dirty words when it comes to denim. Donning the legs of girls from high fashionistas to high school students are so-tight-they-look-painted on, perhaps a rip or two, standard skinny jeans. Fashion brands from the likes of Rosie Assoulin, Opening Ceremony, and Topshop have started pushing the puffy pant as of late. But are die-hard skinny jean stanners biting?

Just because fashion says it is so, does not always make it so. Fashion sometimes says full-head masks are on trend, a la Thom Browne, but we all know nothing’s going to come close to our contoured, chiseled cheekbones.

In conclusion, we may see a rise of wide-leg trousers in fashion, but don’t get too scared off, skinnies are here to stay as a staple. At least for now.


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