An argument for why Willow Smith is the style icon of our generation

Willow Smith might be your run-of-the-mill 16-year-old with celebrity parents and a resume a mile long, but she’s got more than professional accolades and celebrity status. She’s got our stamp of approval as a bonafide style star. (Which, dare we say, might be the most important of all of our accomplishments…. We kid.)

At the age of 16, Willow is already making major moves in the fashion industry. She just snagged up a deal as the newest Chanel Eyewear ambassador. Fashion moguls as big as Karl Lagerfeld have taken notice of Willow’s ability to pull off high fashion in a youthful way. She does sophistication so well.


Willow for Vogue

Willow for Vogue

Willow can rock a red carpet with the best of them. Wearing Chanel at the 2016 Met Gala with her brother Jaden as her date, Willow nailed top spots on every best dressed list with her polished and poised look.

Willow with brother, Jaden, at the 2016 Met Gala

Willow’s evolving style always tells a story. This Bohemian Pucci look for Carine Roitfeld’s Fashion Book is a prime example of Willow’s versatility in fashion and the ability she has to take clothes to another realm.

Willow in Pucci for CR Fashion Book

Willow in Pucci for CR Fashion Book

Never boring, Willow remains the coolest young girl in fashion with her relentless fashion risks.

Willow in Dior for CR Fashion Book

And finally, let us drive home the case for why Willow Smith should be your everyday clothing inspiration. She does cool, effortless style like a total rockstar. Catch us in this cute American Apparel ensemble all winter long.

Willow in American Apparel


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